ShannonJordanTatteredWhen I look at this butterfly I wonder at the adventures it has been on to result in the tattered wings.  This photo reminds me that if I am doing life right with God, that I will probably end up with tattered wings. Reflecting on the different Bible heroes, they all would have tattered wings: the different Mary’s (his mother and his friends) Peter, Paul, Moses, Noah, Eve, Sarah, Hagar, Esther, Ruth, and more. All would have had tattered wings.

The tattered wings remind me that God’s adventure may not always be smooth sailing.
How do you feel about the parts of you that have been tattered by the journey?

The bee reminds me that there are people on the journey with me, even if I don’t realize it. Who is on the journey with you? Friends? Family? 

Finally, the flower reminds me we all need nourishment for the journey. What ways are you getting the spiritual nourishment you need for the adventure God has for you?


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