A Stroll with God

Do you slow down enough to see what God wants you to see? What would life be like if you went through it wanting to see what God wants you to see? Do you look for only the big things, or do you notice the small things?

As I type this, I have already spent a chunk of time this morning looking at the news reports of those who have been devastated by Hurricane Harvey.  I will admit, I have actually watched more videos on Facebook about animal rescues in Houston than necessary. (Love what comes up on the Facebook feed.)

I took this picture of a couple of toadstools I found on a walk while waiting for the eclipse. Standing above they were small, changing my perspective, they were much larger! It reminded me that while big things like Harvey happen to large numbers of people, so do countless things not captured by the media. When I slow down and notice, my heart breaks for those people dealing with really serious life crushing situations. People dealing with grief. People dealing with caregiving. People dealing with chronic illness. People dealing with broken relationships. it is so easy for me to spend time looking at “big” stuff far away and miss the things that God puts right in front of me that are huge for individuals and families. What if I went through my day trying to look at things from the other person’s perspective? What if I went through my day looking for what God wants me to see, good and bad, doing what I can to help, and praying. What if I noticed what God wants me to notice? What steps can I take to slow down and notice?

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